Operation: Break the Site

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The website’s appearance has bugged me badly over the past six months. I threw it together in my first fumblings with WordPress, and the sheer amount of things I have learned since on the topics of HTMl, CSS, PHP, UX and usability, Sass and JavaScript has made the site an ever-sharper embarrassment.

Frankly, it looks shit: I see a sidebar with giant blocky text in an blocky abused font, giant content text in dull grey and angry red colours, nav elements big enough that you can serve dinner off them, and giant holes in functionality caused by my then-limited knowledge of both PHP and the WordPress API. Since December this has helped to hold me back from posting: not only was I busy, but I felt such a strong dislike toward the site that I just didn’t want to face it.

Shatain took hold of me on Friday, and in a fit I tore down most of the code behind the site. There wasn’t much to tear down because the template was pretty simple at its core.

Neue-lök site, as Ikea would say

Between Friday afternoon and tonight (Saturday) I’ve accomplished a great deal, with much more to do. I’m happy to keep the site live while I work on it given the low traffic. I have the option to either put up a warning for users who aren’t logged in, or entirely deny it to them instead. Work goals for the next few days are:

  1. Clean up comments and commentform template, as well as support for threaded comments and minimized comment presence (I average 0.5 comments per month).
  2. Expand on functionality in article templates.
  3. Add per-month, per-tag and per-category archive templates.
  4. Sidebar search form and more options to search the site.
  5. 100% adherence with WordPress’ theme guidelines.
  6. Prettier navigational elements and buttons.
  7. Navigation menu support.
  8. Baked-in Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Google+ schema support.
  9. Social sharing links in order that you may directly share posts.

In the meantime, part of all of the site may intermittently be broken while I work on it. I’ve decided to not use a separate sandbox for this as I want to keep my work invested into this to a minimum. You can always pull or fork the code directly from its GitHub repository.


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