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There’s been a lot of uncertainty about where life will take me, but that’s been understandable. I mean, if you look back in to 2013 and 2014 I was mostly a fucked-up mess of a man who could barely get out of bed in the morning let alone say “this is where I want to be in five years.” But everything passes; now I have a small (read: tiny) freelancing business, an estranged ex-spouse and a girlfriend, all of whom come with the important requirement that I forward plan. Eadaoin likes to work within a framework of plans, my income needs a chart to avoid the feast or famine cycle, and everything with my ex-wife requires preparation and forethought.

So I’ve learned to plan at the small levels. But where do I see myself in five years? That has been the question I’ve avoided. On Tuesday I met a Galway solicitor through the Legal Aid Board to discuss the Kid Situation, and tonight I had a VOIP call with a Boston-based immigration attorney. The details of the Tuesday meeting can stay between the solicitor and I, but I’ll say that she gave me great advice and I acted on it. The gist of the meeting is that I’ve made a lot of the right decisions, and any final outcome is still years away. In the meantime I need to keep my head down, my mouth shut and my eye on the goal of the kids.

Less Good: today’s VOIP call. I cannot reenter the United States until November 2019, and on that occasion I will require a visa. I’m not stuck in Ireland or even on this side of the pond (\o/ Canada \o/), but at the end of the day I can’t be where I want to be.

Neither meeting has left me disheartened; quite the opposite in fact: I know precisely where I stand, when x or y will occur, how I might reach z goal and what might happen when I get there.

Here I stand; there I go.


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Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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