I went to a job fair

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I am now eligible for admission to the hallowed chambers of White Guys Wearin’ Oculus Rifts. Career Zoo is a biannual(?) job fair held at the Convention Centre Dublin over by Spencer Dock in Dublin.

My resume, stapled Queue at the front door Mark wearing an Oculus Rift

Career Zoo was scary, reaffirming and humbling all at once. I don’t expect any callbacks because: my resume is mediocreeeee; the tools I know how to use don’t mesh well with modern web design; and I maybe don’t have the depth of experience in certain areas. On the other hand, I came away with a great idea of what skills, tools and technologies are the most desired.

My WordPress work stands out as a clear dead end. It’s a CMS designed to output static pages. Interactive elements such as comment submission have a heavy reliance on submit-and-reload, although, yes, hacks and workarounds exists. The cresting wave of shitty, plugin-filled sites, and discussion dominated by plugins is the writing on the wall. WordPress jobs pay less, and there’s nowhere to advance into.

Six Months in the Mountain Kingdom

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