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Cleganebowl has nothing on this hype train:


I have used Sheepie as a testbed, sandbox and ongoing learning exercise for the entire while that I’ve worked in web development. 943 commits is well enough for me to put up draw a line across versions and make a formal release of 1.0. Sure, nothing has changed in practice; the same code was there yesterday and not much has changed beyond a bunch of compatibility changes for Internet Explorer. So what does Sheepie offer?


  • Clean, modern design.
  • Mobile-responsive layout.
  • Lightness, as it was developed for mobile-first situations. There are fewer than one hundred lines of JavaScript used through the theme.
  • Flexbox-based layout with float fallback for Internet Explorer 9.
  • Support for all modern browsers back to Internet Explorer 9 (although your mileage may vary if you depend on Android’s webview).
  • 100% open source codebase.
  • Code markup through highlight.js.
  • Near-compatibility with WordPress’ theme check. There are a few outstanding issues that I need to nix.
  • Integrated lightbox for article images.

There are a bunch of issues I want to tackle in the near future:

  • Archives: I have over 1,800 posts on the blog at this time, and no great way to access them outside of the search.
  • Rich features. This is a learning exercise and I want to add interactivity.


I pushed out the 1.0 release of Sheepie earlier today, and figured why not another release? Just as Sheepie is a sandbox for HTML, PHP and JS, I use scss-helpers to test and learn Sass.

The sexily-named scss-helpers serves as a small Sass library I use to help me build my sites. It features:

  • A dynamic Flexbox grid generator with floated column fallback.
  • Social media and button icon generation from an SVG spritesheet.
  • A set of functions to convert unitless decimal values to rem with px fallback.
  • Library of mixins to shorthand @media query rules.


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