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So, I shit you not, but last night I dreamed about SQL queries. I was sat at my desk, at work, and there I SELECTED, JOINED, INSERTED AND LIMITED with all the fury of someone who has a job to get done. I don’t know how, but I have managed to avoid any knowledge of database queries up until the present. I know PHP; I know, Python, Ruby, Rails, WordPress, Sass and JavaScript too; I can (and have) lecture about Linux and the shell environment; I understand design patterns, behaviour-driven design and object-oriented programming; and to my shame I had not the foggiest clue about SQL before two days ago.

And that’s life as a programmer: If I have to learn it, then I learn it. It’s an eight hour daily grind in a study hall, with a random new topic given every day of the week.

I love it.

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