I was ordered to write

in me

From on high an order has given unto me: I need to blog more. Okay, sure, fine, whatever. Here we are. Most of the real meaty content on this blog came out of my personal pain. A few years ago, shit blew up on me, I had a breakdown, and I poured it out here.

The handsome sinner himself

I’ve improved since, transitioning from hackerspace personage into freelancer into full-time web developer. So I’ve improved, but I’m nowhere near the person I used to be. I’ll say this: while therapy has granted me serenity and a handle on my emotional scars, scars are scars are scars. I’m bitter and restless still, and I miss my kids everyday.

Are you demanders happy now? “Wait, what comes next?” Well, I know vim, and I’m teaching myself French. I’m cut shit food from my diet and shit people from my life. I work out at the gym three times a week. There is now an amazing woman in my life and I have desirable skills. Next, I figure, I keep on this curve: lose weight, learn stuff and keep and an eye to windward for interesting new things.

Ik ben gelukkig

in me

Ik Ben Wakker

in me

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