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I bought a mechanical keyboard: the Vortex POK3R/Poker 3 keyboard. I mean, I sit at a desk and type six hours per day, five or six days out of any seven. A keyboard is my tool as much as a plumber uses a wrench, and my work-provided Magic Keyboard it shit. It controls the Mac great, but it gets in my way: my fingers fly all over when I type and I too often I mash the wrong key.

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The Poker is gorgeous. It is solid, meaty, and satisfying to use. The vertical separation between keys keeps my fingers in their place, and in general it just feels great beneath my hands. The only downs are:

  1. The fn-activated keys were programmed with the assumption that the user is right-handed. For me to access the arrow keys I have to make an awkward long stretch to the right fn key, and from there back to the IJKL quad.
  2. The left set of mod keys are ass-backward for a vim user; the ctrl key was in fucking Africa before I remapped it.

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