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Joanna Newsom is on a tour of Europe, and her Irish stop has seen her perform at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre.

Eadaoin adores Newton’s-and I enjoy-Joanna’s music. She loves to point out the deeper meaning of lyrics; the reflections on love and time and meaning matter a great deal to Eadaoin. And here I just like Joanna’s voice!

Eadaoin and IJoanna Newsom performing

So there was a concert, and Eadaoin had one kept to windward on Twitter for tickets. Eadaoin jumped at two which came up for sale for the Thursday concert.

This was only my second ever concert, the first being Whiplash at Kelly’s in Galway.

Joanna’s concert was a fantastic experience, but I’ll add a warning: the Olympia is a cramped fucking icebox. It’s cold, draft, loud and has shit for legroom down in the stalls, made worse by the rain on our way from Thomas Street to the theatre. We sat there wet and cold, with fuck all legroom for two hours until Joanna came on stage.

Grumble bitch whine.

The concert was fantastic. Sure, I am nowhere as big a fan of Joanna as Eadaoin, but Joanna’s music is beautiful and a perfect fit for a live performance.

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