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NPM exploded last week. The Listos version is that Kik were not happy with a developer, azer. azer had a package in NPM named ‘kik’. Kik, compelled their trademark, first reached out to azer to ask him to rename or remove his package. azer cursed out Kik, so the company escalated the matter to NPM itself. NPM removed the contested ‘kik’ package. azer pulled down his other packages from NPM in a moment of righteous, justified butthurt.

Accepted pull request for is-thirteen

And there is where the fun began: left-pad is ten lines long, and its only function is to insert whitespace at the start of a string. left-pad changes 'foo' to ' foo'. That’s it. The problem here is that left-pad is a dependency of several critical packages on NPM. The cascade of failed dependencies (A can’t install B can’t install C) led to a half day where NPM was unusable, until the Internet rousted azer to put the package back online.

My interest here with the absurd responses. Enter is-thirteen, a completely absurd package whose only job is to see if whatever === 13. I did my part, with commits to fix a bad Irish translation and add Klingon.

A Summer of Running

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Achill Half Marathon

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