I think we were burgled

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I’m confused as fuck.

  • On Wednesday our lodger reported that €150 missing from her wardrobe.
  • On Thursday I discovered somebody had stolen from my change jar. They took only the €1 and €2 coins.
  • On Friday, after a lot of talk, our lodger reported this to the Gardai. We had a 10pm visit from two detectives.

Who did this? The lodger? The landlord? An old tenant? Our lodger had means and motive, but not opportunity. Our landlord had means and opportunity, but not motive. The tenants before us had the house for four years and now won’t even collect their mail.

The other alternative is that our lodger raided my change jar and lied about her own missing money. My heart and my head both say that isn’t her because this is just too much effort for such a tiny return. I lost maybe €50 at most, and I wouldn’t even have noticed if our lodger hadn’t put us on alert.

The robbery has scared Eadaoin and stumped me. We’re worried a former tenant has access to the house is using it to steal from us on a regular basis. All we can do is change the locks, secure internal doors when we leave and maybe cover the landing with a camera.


Happy Dissonance

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Running Succccccks

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