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I changed the site’s layout because I didn’t like the old version. Along the way I fixed a good deal of shit code and poor design decisions. Gone is any compatibility with Internet Explorer.


Sheepie: old lookSheepie: new look

Off the top of my head, I:

  • Removed KnockoutJS in favour of a teeny jQuery pub/sub model.
  • Removed convoluted avatar code added to test a client feature.
  • Streamlined my assets manager. It is not much clearer how you can add your own Sass and JavaScript assets.
  • Streamlined the Gulp build chain with an npm script: npm run build
  • Removed all IE9-11 compatibility. The hooks for you to include your own code remain.
  • Gave Sheepie the hip new look you enjoy today.
  • Broke up most of the CSS and made it even more modular.
  • Moved the theme to a 100% mobile-first layout that uses my @media query manager.
  • Broke out modal elements from the header.
  • Removed several filters wrapped around WordPress actions.

March 20

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Happy Dissonance

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