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Subtitle: literally a white guy wearin’ a virtual reality headset.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is expensive as fuck in Ireland for no good reason. There are no Irish vendors who sell the cardboard headsets, and the single Amazon vendor who sells them demands €20 + shipping. Ebay? Four euro if I wait an extra week for delivery from the United States.

So I am…cynical, I guess, when it comes to the technology iteration cycle:

I buy a new and expensive!
The gadget becomes obsolete!
I buy a new and expensive iteration of a gadget!

Laptops, smartphones, storage, wearables and services, the cycle grinds ever on, which leads me to consider the cost and consequences of any gadget. Will my television spy on me? Will someone brick my thermostat six months from now? It’s easier to opt out and let gadget heads…gadget head.

I love Cardboard’s glorious shitty three-dee. Cardboard is the perfect kind of shit; Cardboard’s low cost leads to the correct level of expectation. Literally, Cardboard is cardboard, so I’m get hyped when it actually does something. This is a product I want, and can hype to family, friends and kids without having to worry about locking them into a vicious upgrade cycle.

Everyone at dinner last week offered a similar opinion. Spend five euro, drop in your smartphone and goggle at the Eiffel Tower! Even the restaurant’s staff drifted over to try it out before the end of the night.

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