Recursive hash operation in Ruby which fowards a block

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Recursive hash operations were annoying as heck to puzzle out because, you know, functions aren’t just functions in Ruby: You have functions and procs/lambdas, all of which have subtle differences. Like a regular function cannot be passed as a block.

Well, whatever, I had a problem where I had to walk, reject-from and then compact a bunch of deeply-nested YAML files. This worked:

refine Hash
  def recursive_reject(block =
    delete_if do |key, value|
      value.recursive_reject block if value.is_a? Hash key, value

And behold:

hash.recursive_reject { |key, value| key == :ponies || value == 'sparkles' }

A post by Joe Yates gave me the insight to get this done.

Wat een (Bergachtig) Dag!

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