Hello Newry, Goodbye Newry

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I came, I mailed, I left.

To paraphrase the problem: An Post will not accept any package with a battery or electronic device inside. No way, no how. Except when such a package comes in from outside the country, and then they’ll happily deliver it. But An Post still won’t accept such a package for delivery.

I arrive in Newry
I mail a package in Newry
I leave Newry

So Caira asked for a camera for Christmas. Caira runs a small YouTube channel. I think this is awesome, and I want to encourage Caira, so I bought her a knock-off GoPro camera.

Two weeks later with gifts wrapped, box packed and card signed, I discover An Post won’t touch the box, and more, they recommend that I go to Newry to ship it. That’s a huge slap in the face to consumers in this day and age. “We won’t take it, because that’s why.”

I want to give a big thank you to the postmaster and staff at the post office in Newry. They gave me every bit of help I needed to get Caira and Garrett’s presents checked and mailed. The postmaster told me that someone in the same conundrum comes up from the Republic at least once a week, so I wasn’t anything special. That was weirdly reassuring. On top of that, the package wasn’t in compliance with Royal Mail regulations, so they helped me to get it unpackaged, checked and repackaged in good order.

Three cheers for Royal Mail!

Happy Dissonance

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March 20

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