Rocks and Misery

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I’ve been training since May for the August Reykjavik marathon, an effort that involves daily runs of up to 32 kilometres in distances! Doing so many long and short runs around Galway quickly became tedious, because there are only a few routes which meet my preferences. With limited choices in the city, I’ve turned to wilder and farther places that I can reach by bus, such as the magnificent forests above Oughterard and Rosscahill, the Moycullen bogs, and now Inishmore in the Aran Islands.

So, Aran, rocks and misery. Last week I dropped a suggestion into the running club’s WhatsApp group: Aran, why the heck not?


  • August 4, 2019

Where do we meet?

  • 08:45 at Queen Street, Galway (link).

Cost and Payment

  • €28 (€20 ferry + €8 bus).
  • Money can be PayPal’d to, sent by bank transfer (ask me for IBAN) or paid cash-in-hand. I’ll confirm cash payments via email.
  • I will make the group booking on Tuesday July 16 based on payments to that date. Anyone who wishes to travel with us after that date can book per times and dates given below.


  • 09:00: Depart from Queen Street, Galway.
  • 10:30: Sail from Rossaveal to Inishmore with Aran Island Ferries.
  • 12:30: Runnnnnnnning.
  • 17:00: Sail from Inishmore to Rossaveal.
  • 19:00: Arrive back at Galway.


Routes are superset: we depart from Kilronan as a group along the Low Road, and turn back after a given distance. I’ll be running the full 30 as it will be my last 30k long run before the Reykjavik marathon. Everyone coming alone is welcome to run whatever length they wish! :)

Details to be Confirmed By Mark

  • Lunch in Kilronan.
  • Bag drop in Kilronan.


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