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I am in the process of setting up a Linux-powered Internet-facing home server for the purposes of testing and education. I mentioned all of this earlier on in the weekend.


  1. Computer? Set up just fine. I had to “bootstrap” (I use this term loosely) from a Kubuntu 10.04 CD into Ubuntu 10.04.
  2. GRUB? Bleah. Usual problem. I had to use a CD once to fix it.
  3. DynDNS was a tiny bit fiddly. Literally tiny. First time using their page. Didn’t realize I had to checkout (even for a $0.00 amount) before my domain became active. My desktop updates it via ddclient.
  4. Test SSH? !@&!#!&@#&!#&@#&!#&%(!(!??!@)!(!. I could make an internal connection just fine – ssh mark@ An internally-originating external request, that is to say from ssh mark@my.dyndns.address, that came from my laptop or desktop, was rejected out of hand.

    [mark][~] # ssh mark@my.dyndns.address
    ssh: connect to host my.dyndns.address port 22: Connection refused

    And not one bit of this presented itself in my logs for my to use in solving this problem.

    It took me six hours of Googling, trolling forums, consulting man pages and beating my head off the wall before I decided to test an externally-originating external connection. I SSH’d into the 091 Labs website server, and from there was able connect just fine back to my desktop.

    So if you stumble onto this page from Google, the solution to your problem is to maybe pick up your laptop, wander down to some other wifi network and then try to connect back home from there.

The Good Part is that I can now go headless on my desktop and manage it through my laptop from the comfort of a couch at the Labs. Huzzah!

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