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Masserah in the Halls of Reflection

Last Thursday I reached level 80 in WoW for the second time, after my Warlock. I hate alt characters, and this is only the fourth time that I have ever had a maximum level character in the six on-and-off years that I’ve played the game. I’m happy to present my new main character: Masserah, a Draenei Shaman.

Masserah is a huge departure from any character that I have ever played in a game up until today; I’ve always leaned toward damage dealers. Live easy, die easy, and play easy. Everyone depends on a damage dealer, but no one really cares if you are there, or whether you get killed.

I’ve certainly played support classes before, though; I had a good two years as a buff-totem Trader in that most Norwegian of futuristic MMOGs, Anarchy Online. In Asheron’s Call, between lengthy melting-the-face-off-Tuskers-and-Virindi sessions, I’d park my character as a buff bot or tank quests for monarchy (shout out to the Saints!) lowbies. But no, never a dedicated healer.

It’s Whac-A-Mole. Healing is. In reverse; if somebody’s health bar drops I top it up. In most circumstances it hasn’t been the most challenging of jobs. The gauntlet in Halls of Reflection has been my only serious challenge in five-person instances, and Obliterate my nemesis.

The experience has been eye-opening, however. In the last five days I have learned:

  1. If your guild like you they will sneak your ungeared, just-turned-80 ass into Icecrown Citadel for a raid. If they don’t like you, all the gear in the world won’t get you in. I was healing a 25-person raid three hours after I turned 80.
  2. Enhancement Shaman are squishy. It wasn’t my imagination – we really do need all that extra healing!
  3. Stupid tanks are the exception, not the norm.
  4. Stupid healers are the norm, not the exception.
  5. If the healer dies, it is the tank’s fault. If the tank dies, it is the healer’s fault. If a damage dealer dies, I bite down on a laugh.
  6. It is literally impossible to run a five-person group with guildies without somebody dying in an excruciatingly embarrassing manner.
  7. Taking four minutes and twenty one seconds to down the first trio of bosses in the five-person Trial of the Crusader, on your second attempt, is a perfectly acceptable reason for me to leave your group. Do you know how frustrating it is to spam heals on somebody for almost for five solid minutes while they attack the wrong mob, a mob that is continuously being chain healed back to 100%?
  8. Every time a Hunter dies, a new star is born in heaven.
  9. Warlocks need to be forcibly reminded that yes, the healer does require a Soulstone in the Pit of Saron.
  10. I am the Alpha and Omega of when Heroism is popped. Shut up, quit whining and fireball that add.
  11. Awesome gear doesn’t make you an awesome player.
  12. I don’t care who pulls. Someone grab that spawn already.
  13. If you are a Boomkin who queues as a tank, you will be verbally abused while the /kick vote goes through.
  14. Honestly, 50% of my healing in most fights is just for the sake of making me look like I’m doing something.
  15. Healbot is useful, but the interface is just too damn ugly for me to stomach facing. This is a hurt-my-eyes level of ugly.

In short: It has been a fascinating for me as a World of Warcraft player.

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