Awful blown-out selfie

Contrasted Mark-face

I got bored tonight, took a bunch of photos and came out with a self-portrait that incredibly pleases me find bearable. I want to put it to use somewhere, but I have no service in need of a new avatar. I actually have a photo of me that I like more, but it was taken at work, and for several very good reasons I want to avoid anything that’ll identify it

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  • Mariah on

    So your favorite photo of you, barely looks like you. Makes sense. ;]

    And the one of you at work has nothing identifiable in it, I like that one.

  • Mark on

    I like it too, but I’m still leery of putting it up for the unwashed masses until I finish there. :[ I love this one as you can actually see my eyes – they’re well lit and in focus. Not bad, considering I’m a squinter.

  • Mariah on

    to me, it looks like an extremely photoshopped version of what might possibly have been a pretty neat photo. we’ve proven our tastes in processing are very different, though. having eyes that actually look like they belong in a human head rather than a doll’s appeals to me. you have beautiful, real eyes, you really have no reason to photoshop the holy crap out of them.

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