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For (maybe) the past six years I’ve been kicking around the basic plotline for The Story. The Story is ostensibly a hard science-fiction tale of how we went there and back again. I actually do have a fair amount of research undertaken; a basic plot, timeline and back story formulated; a rich coterie of interesting characters characters; a series of awesome twists.

What I don’t have is any ability in writing at length; my natural inclination towards laconic shortness hamstrings me in my writing. I also, as the point of the post, can’t for the life of me come to exclude a secondary plot on life-extension. It creeps back in whenever I turn my head away for more than a few minutes. Curse you, life-extension!

The story behind The Story is as follows: The presentation of spaceships in science fiction is rife with mistakes and omissions. In many cases, in soft science fiction, you can write this off as unimportant. It doesn’t really matter how the Millenium Falcon gets around from A to B because this really isn’t the point of Star Wars. In counterpoint to Star Wars, you have Battlestar Galactica and its myriad stories and strong continuity that involves “real-world” space combat and supply shortages. It’s great, but not perfect. I really want to take it a step further and lay out the logistics of there-and-back. Expound at length on the real-world considerations, physics and hazards that would dog such an expedition.

But I procrastinate, defer, allow distractions and sometimes outright ignore this project.

So by ranting about it here I am putting a very public onus on myself to begin!

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