(Spoilers) Tron Legacy in ten bullet points

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  1. It was a powerfully surreal experience to watch Thirteen play a happy-go-lucky, naive character. If you are a House fan, this alone is worth the price of admission.
  2. C.L.U.’s take-over-the-world plot made absolutely no fucking sense. None. Zero. Look at C.L.U.’s master plan logistically: He’s going to subjugate the entire world One aircraft carrier, a handful of aircraft, ten thousand raw and inexperienced soldiers and from what we saw, no hope of reinforcement? No. I’m sorry, but this plot thread shattered my immersion in the film. Why must Hollywood writers always disdain science fiction fans so?
  3. The secret guest appearance of the Bash shell and actual Unix systems in Act 1 was greatly appreciated. The commands Sam used to log into the system and look at recent commands were The Real Deal. The chain used by Cillian Murphy (/swoon) to kill the video was Also The Real Deal. +1
  4. Cillian Murphy. /swoon
  5. Young Jeff Bridges/C.L.U. really looked crap on occasion. It was fine in most distance shots, but when it came to a close up, he looked rubbery and floaty.
  6. The Daft Punk soundtrack was excellently fitted to the film. Another +1.
  7. Beyond my problems with #5, the quality of special effects really was excellent.
  8. In the Games, the writers deliberately paired Sam with weak and cowardly teammates. Roddenberry did this with Kirk in Star Trek. Sam wasn’t good – no, his teammates really were that bad.
  9. The ending was trite. Sam Gets The Girl, Jeff Bridges Makes a Noble Sacrifice, the Bad Guy is Defeated, and of course The Door is Left Open for a Sequel.
  10. Enjoyable. Worth watching once. Not a repeat though.

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