Ho ho ho, deformed monsters!

in world of warcraft

(That’s what I told the Horde as I rained (reigned?!) death upon them from my reindeer >:)

So, folk, gentlemen and ladies, this, this I tell you now, this was my Christmas:

Why yes, your eyes don’t deceive you. At least not on this occasion. Sometimes they might, when you look at me and think to yourself, “my, he’s a handome devil”, but otherwise they won’t. Like now. Nope. They don’t. This is a gnome riding a reindeer.

A reindeer with a parachute

Parachuting into the enemy fortress with fiery death at his his beck and call.

Becking and calling that fiery death to further the glory of the Alliance!

All while wearing a comfortably form-fitting helper elf costume.

I have spent, roundabouts, the last three weeks utterly subsumed by World of Warcraft’s player versus player endgame offerings; this is a Las Vegas-style buffet of battlegrounds, arenas, Tol Barad and gankings. I can’t say that I’m a great PVPer when I lose fully half of my fights and have struggled to stay alive and stay useful in most environments. I can say that I’ve geared up, studied mine enemy and learned how to take down most classes in many situations. My overall trend has seen my killing blows rise slightly, my overall kills drop moderately and my deaths drop significantly.

Yay, win.

I made a conscious choice to stick with PVP combat in Cataclysm because I really haven’t been impressed with Blizzard’s handling of PVE – while the gross power of a player has been vastly increased, the net capability has been likewise decreased. I can’t argue with Blizzard wanting to increase the difficulty of the game for players, but there are fights feels like a choreographed ballet. I am not even talking about just boss encounters, but also the clearing of trash in dungeons. Fear this, mark that, banish him, sheep her. Blah. It just isn’t fun for me. The difficulty in PVP is equivalent, with a greater feeling of achievement because those are real men and women who I am fighting and killing and dying to.

Gearwise, I’m not full up on the Bloodthirsty honour gear, as I’ve mostly moved onto conquest points (arena!). The rest of my time is spent farming for the honour mounts and griefing Horde in Twilight Highlands. You see, there’s this big cave called the Elementium Depths in the south of the zone that is just packed with prime mining nodes. If I die in the right spot, I can fly back inside, rezz on a mushroom up out of melee reach and happily fireball and fear Horde to death while I /laugh. Oh, it gets better:

  1. Demonic Circle.
  2. Jump down.
  3. Lure them in. Pretend to mine.
  4. Teleport back up when they come for you.
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

I’ll sign off with a encouragement that you ring in this January with an axe or fireball to the head of a nearby orc.

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