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In the beginning, there was a guild on Arthas. An Alliance guild. An Alliance guild wholly focused on player versus player combat. A core Alliance PVP-focused guild. An Alliance PVP Core guild, you might say. They are Alliance Guild α. The guild master of Alliance Guild α, after months of trash talking Horde Guild β, abruptly leaves for Horde Guild β. He takes the entire content of Alliance Guild α’s guild bank with him.

Nice, eh?

Drama ensues. A mass of petitions are sent to Blizzard complaining about his action. The contents of the guild bank are rightfully restored, and the old GM is banned from the game. A new guildmaster is elected into Alliance Guild α after a vote by its remaining members (of which I am one).

Le Roi est mort! Vive le Roi!

Two weeks later I catch wind of plans by the second guild master of Alliance Guild α to repeat this action: Disband the guild, take the bank and move to the Horde. I let slip this information to certain members of the guild and a frenzied behind-the-scenes series of negotiations kick off on Alliance Guild α’s Ventrilo server. The second guild master peaceably leaves after promoting me in turn to guild master.

Le Roi est mort! Vive le Roi!

I am now the guild master of Triumphant, level 18 player versus player guild of Arthas. Insofar as I can determine from looking at in-game activity, we are the largest and most active PVP guild on the Alliance side on this server. In the minority side of the population, we leaders in a minority activity. Yay. Well at any rate we have top players. We’re active, running rated battlegrounds three nights out of seven, randoms and arena daily.

Join us.

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