This is why I PVP

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The Horde win Arathi Basin by 10 points

As battleground games go, it was hard-fought. I spent the entire match rushing with my guildmates between one or another cap trying to push back the black tide of Horde that swept down upon us. Near the end of the game I wound up running solo defence at the Farm and then Blacksmith for more than five minutes against superior numbers of players. On our side, communication was poor: People didn’t call incoming attacks, ask for assistance or even talk much at all. Others had zero resilience rating and were (hilariously) one-shot by passing Warriors. Strong language was frequently employed by my guildies and I in conveying the importance of strong communication. For all of our disadvantages, we poured our hearts and soul into the game and never gave up, never ceded one centimetre of ground, not even at the very end.

Every match is unique and different because you are competing with living, breathing human beings. When you raid, you raid against whatever cracked-up new design the developers have crapped out this month: Circles on the ground that kill you, “council” fights against multiple monsters that share the same health pool, straight tank-and-spank or even the occasional slap your ass while bunny hopping fight. It gets boring. But on the other hand: To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women? Never boring.

Strandhill Snapshots

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