A picture to fit the book

Right as I’m in the middle of reading Songs of the Dying Earth, a compilation of short stories set in Jack Vance’s Dying Earth universe, the above image of the sun being eclipsed by the Earth started to make the rounds of the Internet.

+1 appropriate.

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  • Eric Nieudan on

    I’m always wary of these homage antholologies. Does this one convey any sense of Vanceness at all?

  • Mark on

    It really does. There’s obscure words, quirky twists and clever moments aplenty.

  • Mark on

    Many of the writers in the anthology come from fantasy backgrounds. This is reflected in many of the stories in their very heavy focus on the fantasy elements of the series. The only real presence of technology is seen in one stories that (to me) wraps up the story of Guyal of Sfere, a tale in which the POV character wields a handheld planet killer as a (literal) truncheon and mark of his station.

  • aafke on

    Very nice NASA shot…(although i can honestly say i read Vance’s “De domeinen van Koryphon”, “Cugel gewroken” en “De Ogen van de Overwereld”)i often feel sorry that i’m not geek(ish) enough to follow you in your virtual worldS.

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