All a-tumbling

A huge thanks from Mariah and I to Michelle of the Galway Circus Project and her daughter Nicola for arranging this tumbling class for the kids. They really had a ball at it, as you can see. :) The photos haven’t been dorked with (shocker!). My laptop is all-Linux right now, and I can’t get on the desktop without a kid jumping on me and demanding to know what daddy is doing.

Mark Grealish

Dashing brigand, handsome rapscallion, father, crazy cat lady and the world's greatest lover and liar, living in Dublin, Ireland.

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  • aafke on

    That surely looks like they were having a ball (and you obviously also)

  • Mi on

    Oh you have to post that one of Nic to Facebook & tag her. hahaha Priceless. lol
    You’re more then welcome. ;) I’m just glad everyone had a great time. Except for when you pointed that bloody camera at me. You must have a collection of those kind of photos of me. lol
    & the name has changed to Galway Community Circus. :) I’m just delighted they enjoyed themselves. I have some bread here, I might meet up with ye on Wednesday if it’s not raining for them to feed the ducks & swans. :)
    I seem to have got it wrong too by the way, that wasn’t the hat you had on. This one is. ;P

  • Mark on

    I’m not touching Facebook. Feel free to grab any images you like. ;)

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