Teeth +lots

in me

I went to the dentist today. I really like her bed(chair?)side manner: She said hello, sat me in a chair, Did Stuff To My Mouth for ninety minutes, bid me good day and walked away. No stupid small talk.

Okay. So. My smile: Fixed.

If you’ve ever met me in person (or chatted to me on a webcam) then you may be aware that I am painfully self-conscious about my teeth because they are shit. I didn’t like showing them off due to decay present, but neither did I get them fixed by a dentist because the prices quoted to me for repair work was Scary (€300 per tooth from my old Irish dentist). And that was Ireland. I went to America and found the situation was even higher: Any kind of cosmetic work was quite simply priced beyond my reach.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was referred to the Smiles franchise of in dentists. The prices and service are great (although maybe abrupt and silent probably isn’t everyone’s kettle of tea) and in one hour she fixed my fucking smile. I’m still shocked by this. I can smile at somebody or look at myself in a mirror without wishing that I’d just fuck off and die. I also now have the moral high ground to lecture my kids about brushing their damn teeth before bed.

The only downer is that in the midst of my pearly whites there is one fucking snaggletooth from the broken tooth that I have to get fixed now. Donations (PayPal) to mark@bhalash.com for crown work.

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