On the Corrib Princess

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Alas for Old Spice having stolen all the good lines. Mariah and I took Garrett and Caira up the River Corrib on the Corrib Princess. Considering it was either child’s first time on a boat, their reactions were underwhelming genuinely unexpected and surprising:

Mariah, Caira, and Garrett Caira Menlo Castle Garrett, Caira, and I Garrett makes new friends Caira seems happy


Garrett spent the first ten minutes screaming “Wa-wa-wa-waterrrrrr!” while trying to hurl himself bodily into the river. Mariah then distracted him with candy. At this point he went on a candy binge and I had to take him down off the top deck and into the lounge to spare everyone around his cries of “Cannnnnnnnnnndy! Cannnnnnnnnnndy!” At this point, about halfway into the cruise, Garrett found himself thoroughly entranced by a group of three teenage girls from Luton,England, who were here on holidays. He went into full-on man whore mode, flashed them his brightest smiles and cutest “Hello!”‘s and utterly forgot about the trip. He had a ball.


I’m not sure where Caira stands on it: I almost took her off the boat before we even left, for pouting (if we sat on the bottom deck she wanted to be above and vice-versa). Then she pouted as far as Menlo on the way out. Once we went belowdecks she was very happy to eat candy and play wingman-woman to Garrett’s amorous advances. Overall, I think we enjoyed it. Think.

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