I picked this one, Jen

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Two edits were performed:

  1. I cloned out dirt that was apparently on the lens. It was distracting.
  2. I cropped the image to a standard 10×8″ size.

Okay, so I picked this photograph over your own favourite for a couple different reasons.

Firstly, this image fits my personal sense of aesthetics: The backdrop is clean, you have excellent foreground and background bokeh and clearly something is happening. The prop (book) is in motion and clearly there are activities ongoing.

Second, Liam is doing something in this image. I’ve taken literally tens of thousand of photographs of my children. It’s easy to capture a shot of them at rest and staring off into space. It is much harder to get a great shot of them engaged in an activity.

Third, technical. You cut off the back of Liam’s head in yours. /browbeat

And that’s it, really.

Flame me, woman.

First Cycle Since…2008?

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