Garrett and the Chocolate Cup

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I brought home a hot chocolate (with frothy cream and marshmallows, thank you very much!) from town today… and Garrett went absolutely batshit about it. Candy in liquid form. It was completely hilarious to see him noisily slurp it down while moaning in pleasure, with the occasion exclaimed “Candy! Candyyyyyyy!”

It was less fun afterwards when he was bug-eyed and bounding from one to another room on an insane sugar high. I mean, the little shit bites when restrained.

in family

Mark Grealish

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1 comments on 'Garrett and the Chocolate Cup':
  • Mi

    August 5, 2011 at 22:30

    hahaa I love it. I can just see it happening too. lol ;oP Remind me not to give him hot chocolate before we leave on Tuesday week. haha

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