New home sweet home

Just some random images from Mariah’s iPhone for the time being. I’ll throw up some words about the house (and the photowalk!) later today.

In short: It is gorgeous out here on the Sligo coast. Our neighbors came over and introduced themselves to us. I’m used to students or crackheads for neighbours, so it was weird. Shopping is going to be a bitch. We spent all day yesterday traipsing around Sligo town for this or that. Never again. Ten thousand “thank you!”‘s to Michelle for driving us, the cats and all of our worldly goods out to here.

The beach at Cliffoney, Co. Sligo The beach at Cliffoney, Co. Sligo The beach at Cliffoney, Co. Sligo The beach at Cliffoney, Co. Sligo Caira on the beach at Cliffoney Garrett on the bus, going to Bundoran The view from the house toward Donegal Bay The kitchen in the bungalow Our living room and fireplace in Cliffoney

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  • Jen on

    Is that a clothes washer in the kitchen?

    Drink Diet Coke, fatty. :p

  • Mark on

    I’ll die fat and be happy for it. B)

    And yeah. I’ll leave it to Mariah to explain our washing machines to you.

  • Mi on

    It’s not just a washing machine, it’s a washer/dryer. Oh the opulence of it all. haha You are very welcome. I’m glad I could help out, I’m just sorry I couldn’t bring you all into Bundoran to do shopping, but I knew I had to get back. I’m loving the happy shots. I think this might be really good for all of you. :o)

    It is a beautiful house & area. Best of luck up there. :o)

  • Mark on

    The dryer portion is, at best, very wonky. Sometimes it works. Sometimes…well let’s say it doesn’t, k?

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