in family

I’ve been pissing about with Instagram on Mariah’s iPhone for the past few days. Okay, so it has its perks and its pitfalls:

  • Instagram’s iOS app is slick.
  • The complete lack of a native web interface feels like sand under my eyelid.
  • So there’s this app that does all of the things I used to do with a desktop computer, digital SLR camera and expensive processing software using a smartphone. I like that. I don’t like that.
  • I’ve always felt retro-styled photos was a passing gimmick. I’m still up on the fence about it.

Despite so far thoroughly enjoying the results of my button mashing, this feels a bit like another black hole online service that I’m putting my photographs into – if you keep a blog online long enough, every image hosting service will change enough to be unrecognizable or vanish altogether. Call me insanely paranoid.

You can catch my entire Instagram feed on this site. In the face of the inevitability of either Webstagram or Instagram going abruptly dark in the next five years I’ve duplicated some of my current favourites below:

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