The Cliffoney dining experience (of furious thunder)

Om nom nom nom

This comes to us mere food mortals from the statuesque Olympian that is my wife:

If there are any food allergies or requests please let me know in advance – I can easily prepare vegetarian, dairy or gluten free if needed.

Accompanying this is a request for me to poll those of you who are coming for the photowalk: Do you want the chicken or pork main dish? This is important. Please let me know before Wednesday.

Lunch Green salad and bread rolls. Assorted cheeses and deli meats. Creamy pasta salad with feta, peppers, red onion and garlic.

Dinner Slow roasted pulled pork with American BBQ, Mexican salsa or apple onion gravy. Honey herb roasted chicken. Roasted mixed vegetable with potatoes, parsnip, carrot, red onion. Green salad and assorted bread.

Dessert Fudge brownies. Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate chip cookies.

Breakfast Omelet bar with cheese or plain omelet, and sides of crumbled bacon, diced ham, sautéed mushrooms, diced bell peppers, spring onions and sour cream. Belgian waffles. Oatmeal. Sausages and bacon. Toast.

Coffee, tea, juice, water all provided. Please bring your own soda or adult beverages.

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  • Dan King on

    Sounds epic!

  • aafke on

    ah now…. yous are making it very complicated…already replied on boards…don’t want to end up with pulled pork for four ;)

  • Philip on

    Must go to Chez Bhalash more often. This sounds devine.
    I’d have a preference for pork, but I’ll go with the flow.

  • Mariah on

    I just realized making toast for so many people is going to be difficult when we don’t own a toaster.

    I am praying for my masa to arrive in time so we can make some real fresh corn tortillas for people to try

  • Mariah on

    Ask and ye shall receive, the courier just dropped it off. Fresh tortillas and corn chips for all :D

  • Padraic on

    Blast! Really wish I could make it =(

  • Mark on

    You should.

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