The Scott Kelby photowalk of cascading rain, October 1

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Saturday 1 October, 2011 from 2pm to 5pm.

The fountain, Eyre Square/Kennedy Park, Galway City, Ireland. 53.274716,-9.049387` for those of you navigating by GPS.

Gratis! Free as in beer.

How do I reserve my place?
You sign up at the official photowalk page on the Worldwide Photowalk website.

What should I bring?
Your good self, a friend, a family member and, of course, a camera or two.

How do I contact you?
Email or call 086 190 8088.

Tell me more…
The rain has barely stopped falling from the Cliffony photowalk of furious thunder, yet here I am diving head-first into another event being held right in the medieval heart of Galway City. This year’s Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk event is being organized by, yes, me! I am taking over from Sean McCormack who is taking a break from this due to burnout and other commitments. Here I am and there you are. I think we’re going to have a great time. Or else. The annual Worldwide Photowalk was started in 2007 by the said Scott Kelby as a way to promote photography, foster community and drag professionals and amateurs alike out into the light of the bright daystar for some fun shooting. Since 2010 he has also donated proceeds from photowalk t-shirt sales to a Kenyan orphanage (snip):

Q. So are you going to try and work some angle so that Orphanage in Kenya gets something out of this?

A. Ahh, you know us too well. Last year Scott was trying to come up with a good tie-in, but luckily one of his blog readers, Rob from Towner Jones Photography, came up with a great idea—we created an official Worldwide PhotoWalk T-shirt. We’re doing it again this year, and 100% of the profits from the sale of any of these t-shirts will go to feeding the kids at the Springs of Hope, Kenya Orphanage. We think it’s a great idea, and we’re so grateful that Rob came up with it! The online store will be up very soon!* There you go. On the Saturday we are to meet up at Eyre Square for 2pm – look for the surly and gap-toothed guy with big beard. Dress appropriately for the season and weather, bring a camera and be prepared to enjoy yourselves.

Unlike the Cliffony photowalk, which, due to its nature and the weather, became more of a “turn up and we’ll figure out a route as we go”, I am setting a firm route. I am making a conscious choice to avoid the city centre and the main shopping areas due to an honest discomfort in crowds. Instead we are going to take off on a tangent around Galway City to avoid the worst of the crush:

  1. Down Eglinton Street to the Town Hall theatre.
  2. From the Town Hall theatre down to the Waterside. First stop.
  3. From the Waterside to the Salmon Weir bridge.
  4. We will cut across the bridge and venture up to Earl’s Island to visit the Fishery. This stage is currently (15/09) tentative: I need to contact the fishery to confirm if it is okay, and what numbers we can bring in there. Second stop.
  5. After the Fishery we visit the Cathedral and stop here for a little while to photograph the architecture.
  6. Exiting the Cathedral, the group will head down Nun’s Island to Bridge Street. We’ll visit the Saturday afternoon market, St. Nicolas’ Church.
  7. And finally, we’ll cross the road to Kelly’s Bar for a well-earned pint. Simple, right? I’ll see you all there on the day. :)

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