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Where did my life of languid indolence go? The whole week has been busy between school and wrestling with the kids at home. Travelled to Dublin yesterday to purchase a good-as-new iPad (it rocks). Spent the whole time on the train catching up with college work, and, truth be told, giving myself a crash course in basic algebra. Then home to be viciously assaulted by the kids.

Today? The same. Busy morning in school. Wound up tutoring complete computer scrubs in our Photoshop class. I maybe did some good there; only time will tell. In the afternoon, Vlastik roused me from my meditations and took me back home along with our massive order from Ikea. Thank you. All of our crap now has a home that isn’t on top of a chair or on the ground. That took until after seven pm. I then took Garrett for a walk a few miles down the road and back home. Cleaned the kitchen, living room and bathroom while Mariah put clothes away. Kids were finally in bed by ten.


I’m leaving my damn phone at home tomorrow.

10k: Done!

in me


in me

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