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  • Mi on

    Aww, what a little cutie. It will be so funny for him when it starts to work right. I know when our Zoe got it done she was out playing in the park across the road & a motorbike went by & scared the living daylights out of her because it was so loud. She had never heard it before, & she was 5! Best of luck to him. Loads of Jelly & Ice-cream for the next month. :oD

  • Jen on

    Thank you, Mark and Mi. :)

    He hears! We came home and he was so cranky he didn’t want to go inside. It had started raining (keep in mind that this is the second or third time in the last calendar year that it’s rained, so he really doesn’t know what it is) so I stuck a raincoat on him and handed him an umbrella. Had a great time, and heard a car turning into our complex – he’d obviously never heard it before.

    As far as the tongue goes (he also had a frenulectomy), he can actually touch the roof of his mouth with his tongue now. Pretty cool. :)

  • Mariah on

    Your son is now officially artificially enhanced. Hell yeah, cyborg.

    Really glad everything went well, Jen :)

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