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I blogged about this on The Other Site, but it is oh-so-worth repeating here: I have has iPad.


I guess a user review is in order?

Teh Suq

The virtual keyboards (landscape and portrait) on the iPad suck if you are in any way a good typist. Sure, I can Google search, Tweet, instant message, set up calendar appointments and send email. I can’t do serious entry work, though; note-taking, blogging and essay writing are all right out of the bounds.

Honestly, this is really the only drawback of the iPad so far, as someone who enjoys typing and writing.

Oh well.


Everything else about the iPad has so far been great: The connectivity (I purchased a 3G model, and it works just great with my Three SIM), battery life, weight and responsiveness are all absolutely excellent.

And, better yet, iOS 5 will add fucking alt-tab.

I loves it, my precious, I do.

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