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I obliterated the Fedora Core installation and went back to running with Mint. Fedora just pissed me off endlessly; I guess that I am still carrying a chip on my shoulder from the days of truly fucking nightmare dependency issues when installing packages, but it just didn’t click with me. Fedora drowned me in its slowpain problems like getting Google Chrome running. Chrome was actually the start of it:

  • Yum repositories seem bare bones compared to the sheer breadth and depth of software available under any meta-Debian distro.
  • On Yum: It is miserable at resolving dependencies. Shame on you.
  • The system seemed to fairly chug along, especially while using Gnome Shell.

Part of my problem was being an Ubuntu duck in a Fedora pond: I have used Ubuntu since that part of mid-2006 when children started to feature prominently in my life. When I complete a fresh meta-Debian installation I know exactly how to tweak it to my satisfaction. I know exactly what quality-of-life packages to install, how to configure them, and how to remove those packages I really don’t want. NetworkManager, I am of course looking at you.

In the end, I just shrugged my shoulders, accepted that meta-Debian is the only distro for me an rightly removed Fedora Core.

meta-Debian, let us never fight again.


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