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Updated 00:40 October 8: I have my Stanza library backed up into a folder on my desktop. I’ll do a mass upload to ‘txtr on Monday.

I updated my iPad to iOS 5.

Stanza, an app that I completely rely upon , crashed and crashed hard after the update. Stanza ate my entire book collection when it crashed.

I am not alone in this.

Some quick Googling seems to indicate that development of Stanza has apparently ceased around mid-2010?

Over the next week I am going to move my restored ebook collection to the cloud-friendly ‘txtr service. I performed a few test uploads – LaTeX guides and a copy of Dune – that went excellently.

At this point, midnight on Friday night, my ebook collection is still gone. I can revert my iPad to iOS 4, restore my functioning Stanza backup, export my entire ebook collection and batch upload everything to ‘txtr on Monday.

It’s a fucking annoyance, for sure, but it is my own damn fault for not backing up my books to either the cloud or to my backup hard disk.


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