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‘txtr isn’t all that bad of an ebook service, but it just didn’t work out for me. It has a lovely barebones interface, a great web-device connectivity and plain gorgeous ePub rendering compared to Stanza’s. Unfortunately:

  1. The ‘txtr website fails when I try to upload any PDF or ePub document bigger than about 20MB. It returns a vaguely-worded I/O error.
  2. I emailed ‘txtr’s support on Sunday about this. It’s now Wednesday, guys. Even an acknowledgement of receipt’d be nice.
  3. PDF rendering is…fuzzy. I have to zoom in before fonts sharpen out. I’ve yet to find a workaround for this. Anyone? Beuller?
  4. The unchangable default bookshelf view (sure, I can change this to a list every time I start the app, but if you don’t save my choice then really, what’s the fucking point?) truncates file names. I do a lot of instructional reading on my iPad; right now I am learning LaTeX, so when I start ‘txtr I see nine different books named “The LaTeX…”
  5. Book covers don’t seem to be rendered, period.
  6. No filesystem access. What I mean by this is that you can add and remove content from certain apps via iTunes. ‘txtr does not support this. My only recourse for adding files to the ‘txt app is to use the web interface.

I looked at Kindle, briefly, as another alternative, but it looks like I have to purchase a Kindle device before I can upload any book? No, thank you.

I am trialling iBooks now: It has cloud (iCloud!) support, excellent document rendering, ability to add locally and it doesn’t truncate file names. Yay.


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