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Caira and I are on the bus to Galway for the guaranteed-to-be-awesome Scott Kelby Photowalk of Cascading Rain. Just as the Cliffoney Photowalk of Furious Thunder wound up being held during our battering by the dregs of Hurricane Katia, today’s weather forecast for Gaway is for rain rain rain. If this kind of correspondence keeps up, I’ll probably hold a Dcember Photowalk of Deep,y Banked Snow…

I think the photowalk is going to be great craic. As a fair portion of our crowd is local and comes to me courtesy of Joe canvaassing NUIG’s PhotoSoc, I am looking forward to seeing new faces and making new contacts in Galway. For sure, it’ll be interesting to see how far the word has spread and who turns up at the fountain.

After the walk Caira and I will be having dinner with a friend and spending the night socializing with other socially-mind in a social environment. Social.

Caira and I will be back in Cliffoney for lunchtime tomorrow to meet up with Darren, Eric and Sinead for lunch. Guilt will be tripped, Sinead.


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