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I’m building a new-old computer from parts to sell. An older vintage of factory-new parts.

Make sense?

My biggest stumbling block in its construction has been the motherboard’s BIOS. It unfortunately doesn’t support booting via USB. And, well…let us timeline this motherfucker.

Mark’s computer-for-sale does not support booting from USB.

---> Try a different USB key instead.
---> Doesn't work. Shit.
---> Scavenge a DVD burner.
---> Install DVD burner.
---> Realize I have no fucking IDE cables since I never, ever use compact discs.

---> Walk to PC World from school, a distance of a good four miles (I needed the walk, but I am kicking myself now because I could have done it in better shoes).
---> Purchase an IDE cable and, a set of jeweler's screwdrivers for good measure.
---> Reinstall the DVD burner.
---> Realize that I have no fucking installation media of any kind. I did have a couple of Ubuntu DVDs I could have used to bootstrap this fucker into Windows, but I think Garrett ate them. At any rate I haven't seen them in a while.

---> Contemplate going into Sligo for blank discs. When I get home I'll have to:
---> Pull the DVD burner back out of the computer-for-sale.
---> Connect it to my external hard disk-> USB kit.
---> Burn a Windows 7 DVD.
---> Reinstall the DVD so I can run it.

Do you see my ire? Do you?


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