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Author’s note: I went from 3.0 to 4.0 last night making tweaks to the scene before I scrapped it all and jumped to 5.0.

[[Eurostile]]. Fantastic font, really. Used everywhere. People even write love letters to it.

Let’s compare Eurostile to Impact, the so-called [[Tautology_(rhetoric|tautological]] font. Impact has…impact. Impact impacts you. Impact is the triumphant height of literal self-description. I impact you. I impact you. What Impact lacks thought is class. Fuck, we put use Impact to caption lolcats. Impact lacks style. Some would say…stile.

I dusted off Eurostile last night, as I found myself still tinkering with this poster. I wanted to change up the appearance of the scene to something closer to the below image:

VY Canis Majoris and our sun (if you can spot it)

What I also inspired me to change up the poster was the shot from A New Hope of Yavin IV peeking around the limb of the gas giant Yavin:

The Millennium Falcon crossing Yavin's limb

I wanted to show VY in the act of consuming the sun. Devouring it whole like some corporate predator would in the real world. If nothing else, I wanted to scale the scene up a bit so you could actually see the fucking sun. The scale between the yellow dwarf and the hypergiant is just astounding. I…

  • …turned the above limb-peeking on its side to fit the portrait format.
  • Added two gradients: One for the hypergiant and one for the black space beyond.
  • Made the aforementioned switch form Impact to Eurostile.
  • Added a stroke to the sun’s layer. It hasn’t changed in size (I scaled it all up yeah, but it is still proportional to VY), but it very clearly stands out now even if you zoom out.
  • Eurostile is a classy font. You can drape any kind of shit like glitter, gradients or fucking 3D effects on it, but if you treat the font nice – you know, dress it up a little, buy it flowers and take it out for dinner somewhere nice – it comes back and rewards you tenfold.
  • VY dominates the image: A good two-thirds of the poster is just VY. The sun floats alone in the other third. It works.




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