I like churches

in college

I say this as a man who is legally irreligious: I like churches to the point that I’d almost call it love. These buildings are places where a community assembles to feel a part of something greater and more lasting than themselves. And – setting aside all of the iconography of whatever religion it is – architects in general do a marvelous job with these buildings. They inspire serenity, enjoin silence and encourage worshipful contemplation.

I appreciate it and sometimes feel a little awed whenever six thousand years worth of experience, as a species, in designing and temples is distilled and forcibly injected into my eyeballs.

That said, the big church right by the I.T. here looks like it was knocked out by a Minecraft player with more creative flair than design sense. This fucker is an eyesore; it’s an oblong box with a big window on one end. The window is elevated slightly so as to survive the inevitable Creeper onslaught.

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