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Update November 2:

I raised my problem with Domhall last night during the deconstruction of my laptop. Domhall posited that the problem might simply because by one of the WiFi repeaters in the school library having blacklisted my wireless adapter’s MAC address. He then went on to show me how I can replace the Mini PCI card with a new module.

I will probably go ahead and do this before the end of November.

I would not describe myself as technically literate: What I would instead say is that I’ve taught myself to read an error message, to completely grasp what a given error message means and what actions of mine caused it, and to then take this information to Google until I successfully research either a solution or workaround.

Very occasionally this gives the impression that I am freakishly knowledgeable on a given topic. I’m not. Really, I’m not. I just have a good idea of how I can find information. I don’t retain a lot of detail. The upswing of this is that I am a fairly adaptable person except on those occasions where I push the headphones in deeper and turn the volume up to eleven. The downside of this is that whenever a problem arises to me that turns out to be a genuine stumper, it is not just a stumper for me: It is a stumper for the Internet too.

Over the last couple of days I have run into a really fucking obtuse and unusal problem here on campus that involves my WiFi connection. Earlier this afternoon, I caved in and acted wildly out of character by taking my issue to the student I.T. Helpdesk here on campus. I preempted any idiot suggestions that involved rebooting my computer by sitting down, and calming explaining my problem in depth. I detailed how I trolled through system logs and ran diagnostics. I regaled them by immediately eliminating the problem as a user or software issue with an obnoxiously boring description of my dual-boot setup and how the problem persists identically in each operating system. I outlined the exact time frame and location of the issue. I even held their hand and talked them through several failed fixes I had tried.

I was told – in almost as many words – that the I.T. Helpdesk had no idea whatsoever as to what caused this problem, that there was no one who I could escalate my concern to and that there was no chance that they ever would invest the time to investigate it (I make them sound mean, but they really were super nice!).

The Problem:

  1. From about 2pm each day, I cannot connect to our student secure WiFi network, WiFi_Secure.
  2. This occurs in both Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu Linux 11.10.
  3. This problem first occurs in the campus library. If I go to the library and try to connect, the connection fails. Thereafter, it does not matter where I go on campus (I’m about to go and test this out) because I will not be able to complete a connection.
  4. My computer completes the initial connection and I successfully authenticate. I do not receive any DHCP information, and thereafter I pretty much hang in limbo with a null connection until it times out and my WiFi utility attempts another connection. A snippet of my wicd log is located here. wicd brings the adaptor, it connects, it hangs, and then it reconnects.
  5. When I go home at night, my WiFi works perfectly fine. When I come on to the campus the next morning, it works perfectly fine too, until about 2pm.


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