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A lot of great people helped me out in Galway in the past two days. In order:

  • Domhall Walsh walked me through the steps of disassembling my Acer netbook and servicing the components at two o’clock this morning. We identified upgrade and replacement paths for components and fixed the loose screen hinge. It was an absolutely fantastic workshop.
  • Jodi Schneider gave me a great deal of help in writing my first school report. Jodi then gracefully took the time to critique it for me after I presented her with a copy.
  • The whole reason that I was down in Galway yesterday was to talk about my infrared photography – “Who’s living on his laurels?” I hear you ask snidely – and my approach to digital archiving (Redundancy! Redundancy! Redundancy!). It was Joe Hyland who graciously invited me down from gelid Cliffoney to talk.
  • Carles Sentis and Padraic Harley both sent me home loaded down with 091 Labs:

    Padraic presented me with a copy of the poster that I created for the recent Ignite.

    Carles delivered unto me my supremely tasteful 091 Labs t-shirt. Supremely tasteful. Good stuff.

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