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House Atreides

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I went through a few versions of this banner on paper, and I’ll honestly say that some of the masking was a complete pain in the arse. I drew this banner tonight after I put off my much more complex Ix project; the Ix picture is wrecking my head l, and I felt like I wanted something else to fill in for it until I get to go crawling back like a whipped dog.

My take on an Atreides banner is definitely simpler than some of the other versions out there on the Internet; there’s an absolutely amazing red one that some guy tattooed onto his back. Do want. But what mine has is a symmetry and double meaning: I intentionally designed the hawk to also resemble a spaceship climbing; after all, we are taking about a book that features a version of humanity which has been starfaring in an unbroken chain for twenty thousand years. Why wouldn’t the image of a spaceship be ritualized or formalized like, say, a sword or a star might be on a more contemporary banner?

Well, for me at least, the idea of a spaceship and a hawk combined like this makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

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