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I didn’t do much today, I cleaned up two of my photos from yesterday, had dinner with my family and played World of Warcraft. Specifically, I played my Shaman on Whisperwind. I’ve found them a fantastic, versatile class to play, who hit hard to boot. Except for their mana pool. Hah. Ah well, everything has a catch. Still I hit level 45 on him:

That was fun. I also looted a Blazing Emblem while grinding out the last few mobs to level. Its another 200+ gold in the kitty for his epic mount, which is darned nice thing to have. One thing in World of Warcraft that’s suprised me is how easy it is to make gold once you know how. Its maybe due to the fact that its mostly worthless once you have your epic mount purchased, as everything after that is aquired by either insane grinding for faction with some group, for a single item, or spending days and weeks buried in the Molten Core, Blackwind Lair or Zul Gurrub, and so on.

Compare this to my last MMOG, Anarchy Online, where the economy was basically designed to beggar the player. The only effective way to get lots of credits was to either bliz missions (nerfed to uselessness), grind hecklers – it was eventually removed, as Funcom apparently couldn’t stomach players earning XP and cash at the same time or just get a lucky rare drop that you could sneak past your guild to sell anonymously. Actually, now that I’m think about it, I recall crunching numbers a while back and discovering that the economy was designed to cause a net removal of cash from the world.

Getting back to World of Warcraft, gold tends to stay in the economy once it enters it. I point to the fact of inflation on the Auction House over time as an example of that. Cash is floating around among level 60 players and basically staying there, other than the odd expenditure on an epic mount. I can see fairly big cash sinks being added in the up-and-coming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands…sorry…. Burning Crusade expansion. “Get your epic flying mount that farts fire now! Only 3,999 gold!”

Fah, maybe I’ve played MMOG’s for too long but I’ve found that once I start to hit the end-game of one, I start to take a dim view of developers.

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