I’m in departures

in me

And waiting for immigration to open. Eeeeeeeeee.

Stop getting teary for me, please. I’m not dead, dying or have any plans to be seriously ill in the near future. I’m actually in general good health, except for a nasty back pain when I travel by car (I think that’s from a nerve getting pressed on). Emotionally I’m insanely and happy in a very giggly way. I get to see my family again! Forever! Eeeeeee.

Caira will probably have me in tears before the day is out, and I have a strong suspision that I’ll be babysitting her alone for most of the next week. I think I managed the monster fine when she was newborn, but she’s mobile, grabby and giggly now.

Down-a-bottle-of-hair-conditioner grabby.

Think-the-above-is-awesome giggly.


Caira, I love you.


in me


in me

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