So we visited the courthouse

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I’m really incredibly happy in a giggly kind of way and still somewhat taken aback by the surreality of the whole experience of getting married; we stepped out of the car at the courthouse and immediately had ten wedding hawkers flock on us like overgrown pigeons… “Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine!” Eh, I ducked and scuttled for the doors while Mariah ran interference.

It was really anti-climatic. This being Vegas, I expected fireworks and clowns, but no, in a half an hour and one change of building we were married. Likely the most interesting part was the clerk who wasn’t able to read my handwriting, to the point that she had details wrong twice.

Afterward, we all hit Circus Circus for ale and whores…by that I mean light refreshments and entertainment.

We’re planning on a big ceremony toward the ends of the year, but most of the details beyond the fact it will happen are still up in the air.

Happy +1

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  • katie

    June 21, 2007 at 08:32

    Congrats!!! I never knew you had so much of a story-teller side to you! Great read and some beautiful new shots!! Lovely stuff.

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