I hate being sick

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Las Vegas sunset from Angel Park

While I am definitely on the mend, it has been a week of aches, headaches, nausea, sniffles, sneezes, and coughs. Mariah and Caira haven’t been in much better. Mariah caught the bug first and worst of the family, and Caira has been off her food. Double plus ungood. Photos! We went to Angel Park the week before last. Sodas were quaffed, food was eaten, and fun was had by all.

Best of all, the sunset was incredibly spectacular. There’s nothing in my life that’s matched watching a storm closing in from three sides, preceded by a wall of dust several miles high. Amazing stuff.

At some point I need to put more photos up, I had some really pretty ones taken. Next off, thank you to everyone who have sent us congratulatory cards. Mariah’s…a little unsure over being called “Mrs Mark Grealish,” but I know you all meant the best. Thank you all.



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